The Center Park has been the subject of various researches, projects and urban plans, which have contributed, step by step, to identify its potential, helping to build the vision that sees the area translate from a place of abandonment to an ecological and social centrality.

The new Center Park is an ambitious project of urban regeneration

From a place of abandonment to a space for ecological, economic, social relations and a fulcrum for an entire city. Today, as well as being a green space able to offer an ecosystem service in an ecological and social productive key. The Center Park is conceived as a living place, safe and open to all, able to reflect the ambitions and desires of the population. In 2021, the plan that will lead to the disposal of the existing quarry plant will be approved.
The urban transformation of the Center Park will reinforce the connections (social, environmental, cultural) with the territory. The 3.3 km ring that runs along the water basin together with the new cycle-pedestrian paths, make the Center Park connected with the rest of the city.


The main routes mainly perform the function of connecting the accesses to the ring of the park.
They therefore connect the urban fabric of the City progressively towards the water. It is planned to build a pedestrian cycle path for a total width of 5.5 meters. The main equipment of the park is distributed along these tracks. The crossroads between the main routes and the ring are small squares and meeting places characterized by a stone pavement.


Access to the water will be facilitated by the presence of some piers that will be installed several times along the banks, together with some artificial floating islets, fixed or temporary, arranged on the surface of the water anchored to the bottom. The possibility of sailing will be guaranteed by small rowing boats which can be rented in several docking points along the banks or on the islets. The basin of the Center Park will thus be livable both from land and from water.


The Centroparco will guarantee, in its new structure, multiple sports facilities and play areas located in strategic points. Various activities dedicated to different age groups, from the youngest to the elderly, are designed to create an inclusive park to be experienced. In addition to this, there are also three areas for dogs where they can run and have fun safely. This equipment will enhance a system already present in the area, creating a very attractive park.

Objective 2021

protection of vital natural resources: air, water, land and biodiversity
Productive protection of sustainable economic cycles: food energy, ideas, recyling, biodiversity
awareness, memory, sport, education, participation, care, living, meeting, sharing