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Welcome to the first Green Lab of Segrate, a space for the community to design together the city of the future.

Imagine to be able to look at the future. How would you like your city? With Segrate City Lab you can discover in advance what will happen. We realized the first Lab of ideas and partecipation, always open and accessible to the community. A window on the tomorrow that we can write together starting from today, with competence and sensibility, interpreting needs and requirements. We search and offer innovative solutions to amiliorate life quality and foster environmental sustainability along with social inclusion.

In this virtual but real space, we discover several green initiatives with public interest, that will be developed in the following years such as: Green Kilometer, Ciclopolitana, the extension of M4 line, projects for urban reforestation and the production of green energy from renewable energy sources. We design a more beautiful city, welcoming, modern, safe, united in sport, culture and nature. Everyone have dreams, let’s make them together!

Our data
 of sustainability


Public trees


Green per inhabitant


separate waste collection


of cycle paths
How will Segrate be tomorrow?

Discover it with us

All Segrate City Lab’s initiatives will be communicated also on the municipality social medias, be part of the evolution of your city.

Do you want to give your contribute? Partecipate with an idea.

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