“Looking forward to the extension of the M4 line that will reach Segrate, we thought of creating a sort of surface metro but instead of rails there are cycle paths or short stretches on roads in Zone 30 and instead of trains there are bicycles”.

Mayor Paolo Micheli

The paths

The routes have been designed to reach services and relevant points of the districts of Segrate, recognizable by the blue dots on the map. Each section is equipped with signs that will allow cyclists to quickly and precisely extricate themselves between the different areas of Segrate.

  • Purple line: San Raffaele – Rubattino
  • Green line: Parks line 
  • Orange line: Milano Oltre – Cascina Ovi
  • Yellow line: Segrate Station – Viomodrone 
  • Blue line: San Felice – Idroscalo – Linate
  • Pink line: Mirazzano – Vimodrone

The cycling station of Via Cavareggio

The service is accessible from Monday to Saturday from 7 to 19.

200 free bicycle stalls
(of which 100 guarded)
ATM ticket office
(tickets on sale at 2 euros)
Refreshment point