Segrate,the City of 3 parks is not just a slogan, but it is the reality we are developing. The existing parks will be redeveloped and will be connected to each other, the degraded areas will be redeveloped and re-naturalized. Trees and greenery are at the heart of the city’s environmental policies. As part of the ForestaMi project, 36.000 new trees will be planted by 2030.


ForestaMi is the project promoted by the Metropolitan City of Milan, the Municipality of Milan, the Lombardy Region, the North Milan Park, the South Milan Agricultural Park, ERSAF and the Milan Community Foundation, which foresees the planting of 3 million trees by 2030, to clean the air, improve the life of the great Milan and counteract the effects of climate change. It was born from a research of the Politecnico di Milano thanks to the support of the Falck Foundation and FS Sistemi Urbani. The collaboration between all the promoters has made it possible to build a strategic vision based on the role of green in the metropolitan area, giving life to a process of census, enhancement and implementation of all green systems, to favor policies and projects for the promotion of urban forestry and the realization of a Metropolitan Park in the Milan area. Segrate immediately joined with great enthusiasm, and with the intention to plant one tree per inhabitant, 36,000 new plants by 2030.

The most beautiful tree is the one you Donate to your city.

At the gates of San Felice, a green oasis of 21 hectares.

The Parco Natura (Natural Park) was born in Segrate, as a green oasis of 21 hectares, of high ecological value, on the outskirts of San Felice. A masterpiece of re-naturalization of the land, located on the border of Peschiera Borromeo, between the Idroscalo ring road, via Giorgio Gaber and via San Bovio. The work took part of the “Re Lambro SE” reforestation project.

The Nature Park, oxygen for citizen

The intervention, financed by the Cariplo Foundation with 250 thousand euros, is part of the larger “Re Lambro SE” project involving ERSAF, the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Forestry Services, the municipalities of Segrate, Milan, Peschiera Borromeo, San Donato Milanese and Melegnano. It proposes the creation of an ecological corridor that follows the course of the river. 

“2,900 trees and 1,500 shrubs will be planted in the new Nature Park – explains Deputy Mayor and Councilor for the Territory Francesco Di Chio. An extraordinary reforestation and renaturalization of a city area, that was affected in the past by the urbanization. It is therefore a redevelopment and environmental protection project, perfectly aligned with the sustainable development model that we are implementing in the city”.


Number of shrubs by 2021


Number of trees by 2021


By the end of the mandate of the council board

One of the goals set by the City Council is to plant a tree for each inhabitant by the end of the electoral mandate.